Fresh Food for Dogs & Cats

At Meg’s Meats our mission is to optimize the health of your beloved dogs and cats through diet. We provide quality locally sourced meat and bones and are committed to supporting our clients through the transition to fresh food and beyond. You can depend on honesty, curiosity, and quality from the Meg’s Meats family. Call or email us today.



Nutrition is the Foundation of Health and Longevity

Nutrition is the foundation of health for all life. Our food choices ultimately strengthen or weaken this foundation. Unfortunately, we have been led to believe, that feeding our animals kibble is the only way to ensure a lifetime of balanced nutrition. As I reflect on the health of my animals over the years, my childhood dog Coco and Meg both consumed a diet of kibble and both died of kidney disease. There were no red flags at the time because this was considered normal by the veterinarian community. As dogs and cats aged disease processes such as arthritis,