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At Meg’s Meats our mission is to optimize the health of your beloved dogs and cats through diet. We provide quality locally sourced meat and bones and are committed to supporting our clients through the transition to fresh food and beyond. You can depend on honesty, curiosity, and quality from the Meg’s Meats family. Call or email us today.



Bone Broth

It is a rare lecture or seminar pertaining to health and wellness that does not include a discussion of the benefits of bone broth. At a recent seminar bone broth was available during a morning break for all the participants to enjoy. A chicken broth, it was delicious, satisfying, and amazingly easy to prepare, I was hooked. After the seminar I made my first batch of bone broth and it has now become a regular part of our diet. Nourishing bone broth aides digestive, immune, joint, skin, and brain health.