Jin Shin Jyutsu


Jin Shin Jyutsu is Japanese form of acupressure that has been successfully applied to people and animals. The goal of this healing art is to awaken and revitalize the body’s life energy to provide optimum health and happiness. The application of one's hands in specific sequences to specific sites on the body reinstate balance and harmony. These sites, also known as Safety Energy Locks, are places where energy can become blocked resulting in pain. The frequent application of these sequences will facilitate reduction of stress, tension, and toxins that accumulate through normal daily living. Jin Shin Jyutsu is a non-invasive and gentle, supportive of other treatment modalities, and has an extensive body of simple self-help sequences. I invite you to experience this art of harmonizing life energy to:

  • Promote physical, emotional, and spiritual healing
  • Relieve pain associated with arthritis, sore muscles and tendons, and abdominal discomforts
  • Support the immune system
  • Aides emotional balance of worry, fear, anger, deep grief, and pretense to bring joy and happiness into our life


  Jin Shin Jyutsu Sessions

Sessions are 60 minutes. Client remains fully clothed and is face up on massage table. After listening to your energetic pulses I begin holding specific places on the body, called safety energy locks. Holding two of these places at a time allows the energy to balance. Healing occurs at a physical, mental, and emotional level. Clients are given self-help homework so that they can help themselves between our sessions. I have self-help handouts and Mary Burimeister's three self help books available to support the client's individual practice. Many of us have a lifetime of stuff we have accumulated, which contributes to our current health projects. It would be unrealistic to think that one session will correct all of this. I have learned over the years not to have any expectations of what might occur for the client. I can report my clients feel more relaxed after a session and often comment on the emotions they begin to feel. Sometimes there is a dramatic physical healing, often clients report back that their sleep has improved; some tell me that they feel less anxious and fearful. Healing occurs when we are ready to let go of the things we carry that no longer serve us. Jin Shin Jyutsu allows the process of unloading to begin. To have a significant shift usually requires 3 to 10 sessions and a commitment to maintaining a regular self-help practice. Scheduling a Session for You or Your Animal, or Hosting a Self-Help Class I have flexible hours and am available for home and hospital visits, Monday thru Saturday. I also present one- and two-day self-help classes for people and animals. Please call, 530-550-8380 or email me at gwaymire@LTOL.com to schedule your session today.

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Many animals and their humans have benefited from the profound benefits of Jin Shin Jyutsu. Here are some of their stories.

Hi Grace,
Just wanted to tell you about our evening. All the windows in the house were open, and a storm was brewing far away. The kids across the street were riding their scooters up and down the street. Pogo was pacing, tail down, eyes dilated, not responding to me, trying to get up on the dining room chairs.
I finished dinner, gave her a couple good squirts of Tranquility Blend, opened my JSJ book to the first page I flipped to, and did the bladder flow on her, then held 13 & 10. Just toward the end of the bladder flow, she finally heaved a huge sigh, and when I let go of 13 & 10, she shook it all off. Then the rain, lightning and thunder started. I was at the computer and put her on a down at my feet. She fell asleep! And, there she remains. Last summer, I would have had to put her in a crate, in a dark room with a fan on her and music playing. This is huge! I've done a couple flows on her since the workshop and think she seems happier in general, at times when before she was anxious. Tonight, I really saw it. I'll keep up the regular work, and the special sessions like tonight. Thank you!!
– Ann & Gracie, Pogo, and Jane

Dear Grace,
Thank you so much for the wonderful day yesterday!!! My head didn't explode but it came close. I took good notes but need to organize them with the book and handouts to fully understand everything. I would be very interested in taking another class, or even THIS class again. Please let me know when you schedule another one. I think a second time through my brain might actually start to absorb the info. There was a lot that you covered!! Barry had his chiropractic adjustment today and Dr Cathy said he was much more 'open' and 'willing to accept the adjustment'. I noticed a much more relaxed mind and body while being worked on by Cathy. He actually laid down on his side at one point and another time put his head in my lap. He has never done that at her office before. This morning Barry was actually initiating play on his own which he hasn't done in quite a bit. He was running in circles in the snow and pouncing on small branches that have come off the trees this winter. Try to picture that, Barry pouncing. Thank you again for offering the workshop. I enjoyed it and I think the boys did too. I'll keep you posted on our results. Thank you,
– Kelly

Dear Grace,
I very much enjoyed meeting you on Sunday and can't thank you enough for the relief that you brought to Boots. He is walking a little more freely and is anxiously awaiting your next visit - my attempts to free up his backside like you showed me do not even compare and he lets me know this but I will continue my efforts... I did try it on one of my other horses and she follows me around looking for more - she just doesn't know how much better it could be. Have a good week. Best wishes
– Ellie

Hi Grace,
Thank you so much again for the wonderful visit. I loved watching you with my beloved friends. You have a natural "read" which is so fun to watch. I especially loved watching Hero melt into your hands. You were so generous with yourself with them and me. Thank You!!! Many Blessings your way,
– Ruth

Thanks grace, for today. I have been far more stable and balanced. I feel the difference from the past few days to today. – Cathy

I wanted to tell you about Count. He is a new horse.There is a hill I ride occasionally which he always has plodded along on with a walk. The other day going up the hill he wanted to run it I could not believe it so I let him! He feels good and strong. A couple days later went back out to the hill as my curiosity got the better of me ..was that a fluke? Was he just feeling extra spunky that particular day? NO he wanted to run it again… so I let him. He really drops his head when he goes into a lope.
– Vallea Rose

Counts back end is being used again……
Yesterday while riding bareback I noticed his back feet were almost as noisy as his front feet. GOOOD. I think that might be the indicator of when he needs you again but anyways can’t wait to see ya.
Thank YOU Grace!!!!!
– Vallea Rose

Thanks again for last night. I felt much better when I got home, and didn't bawl because there wasn't a big smiling waiting at the door. Instead I walked in and said Hi Oaks, I know you’re here. And I finally got some much needed sleep. I appreciate all you do for me and my critters,
– Laurie