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The Cancer Epidemic

Cancer, a diagnosis that creates fear, a disease state that crosses all boundaries, an epidemic that has touched all of us at some time.  Cells uncontrollably dividing resulting in tumors that ultimately end in death.  My beloved Penny was diagnosed with a tumor on her spleen that had silently spread to her liver and lungs.  […]

The Benefits Of Fiber

Lucy and I are enjoying time in Carmel this week, walking on the beach, shopping, reading and relaxing while we are staying at our favorite spot, The Hideaway. Gaining a better understanding of the role fiber plays in my diet, I have been contemplating the importance of fiber in Lucy’s diet. Did you know that fiber can help with constipation, diarrhea, diabetes, and anal sac impaction in addition to promoting and maintaining overall health? The benifits of fiber include but are not limited to: adding bulk to the stool, renewing the cell lining of the intestinal wall, feeding good bacteria of the intestinal tract while suppressing the growth of pathogenic bacteria.

Warning: Grain Free

Fat free, gluten free, and now grain free foods line the shelves of grocery and pet food stores. Millions of dollars are spent on advertising by multi billion dollar corporations to convince us that this is the true path to health and wellness for ourselves, our families and our beloved animals. Removing fat, gluten and grain from our diet and that of our animals has increased the incidence of obesity and diabetes. This is due to the substitution of soluble carbohydrates for fat, gluten and grain. Grain free describes pet food free of corn, soy, wheat, barley, or oats. The grains have been replaced with soluble carbohydrates or starches found in potatoes, rice, peas, lentils and other legume seeds.

Book Review: The Lost History of the Canine Race

While on vacation I read, The Lost History of The Canine Race, by Mary Elizabeth Thurston and found this to be a well written, interesting, thoughtful book which chronicles how our evolution has been entwined and enhanced by dogs since the time of the Egyptians. Thurston chronicles the evolution of the dog/human relationship and it’s impact the development of our social consciousness, humanity, and spiritual connections. From the dawn of evolution dogs have been responsible for bringing out the best or worse in each of us.

Travels with Lucy – Our Time at Dillon Beach

Our family has a tradition of spending Father’s Day weekend at Lawson’s Landing in Dillon Beach. Dusting off the camping gear and stocking up the RV’s, we kick off the summer relaxing on the coast for a week. Lucy always gets excited as preparations for this trip are underway. Daily walks on the beach, playing in the surf, taking in all the ocean smells, chewing on bones in the grass and napping in the sun: what is not to love?

Feeding Puppies A Fresh Food Diet

Puppies bring joy, laughter and love into our lives. As responsible and loving guardians we want to provide all the ingredients for a long and healthy life. The role of nutrition for growing puppies establishes a solid foundation for development of the endocrine, immune, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, and nervous systems begins at conception. This is why the demand for raw feed puppies from raw fed mother’s has increased over the years as the benefits of fresh foods becomes more widely known and accepted

Bone Broth

It is a rare lecture or seminar pertaining to health and wellness that does not include a discussion of the benefits of bone broth. At a recent seminar bone broth was available during a morning break for all the participants to enjoy. A chicken broth, it was delicious, satisfying, and amazingly easy to prepare, I was hooked. After the seminar I made my first batch of bone broth and it has now become a regular part of our diet. Nourishing bone broth aides digestive, immune, joint, skin, and brain health.

Winter Paw Protection

This winter there is an abundance of snow for us to get out in and have fun with our dogs. Unfortunately winter snow also means our dogs are exposed to the chemicals used to melt ice, as well as oil, salt and sand which can compromise the integrity of their paws. To help protect these precious paws we found a winter paw protection recipe on Planet Paws. The recipe includes beeswax, coconut oil, calendula oil, and avocado oil.

Nutrition is the Foundation of Health and Longevity

Nutrition is the foundation of health for all life. Our food choices ultimately strengthen or weaken this foundation. Unfortunately, we have been led to believe, that feeding our animals kibble is the only way to ensure a lifetime of balanced nutrition. As I reflect on the health of my animals over the years, my childhood dog Coco and Meg both consumed a diet of kibble and both died of kidney disease. There were no red flags at the time because this was considered normal by the veterinarian community. As dogs and cats aged disease processes such as arthritis,

The Gift

The bond that we share with our animal companions is one of unconditional love and devotion. The life lessons they share with us are simple and yet profound, be present, live in the moment, greet each morning with joy and wonder, maintain your curiosity, and enjoy all the sights and smells that come your way. Quite naturally they experience their emotions in perfect balance with ease and grace. There is no space for worry about the past, fear of death, anger over a perceived slight, sadness related to loss, or trying to be something they are not. These are just a few of the lessons they share and model during their brief time with us.