Travels with Lucy – Our Time at Dillon Beach

Our family has a tradition of spending Father’s Day weekend at Lawson’s Landing in Dillon Beach. Dusting off the camping gear and stocking up the RV’s, we kick off the summer relaxing on the coast for a week. Lucy always gets excited as preparations for this trip are underway. Daily walks on the beach, playing in the surf, taking in all the ocean smells, chewing on bones in the grass and napping in the sun: what is not to love?

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Travels with Lucy- Our Trip to Carmel

Lucy and I are spending a few days in Carmel and just loving it! It is one of those rare times we are not in the camper so staying at a hotel. This trip we are staying in Carmel at the Hideaway. This place is a real gem, within walking distance to the beach, great breakfast in the morning, wine and cheese are available in the afternoon, the rooms comfortable, and the price was right. Even though the hotel does not have official parking this has not turned out to be a problem, even with my big truck.

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