Book Review: The Lost History of the Canine Race

While on vacation I read, The Lost History of The Canine Race, by Mary Elizabeth Thurston and found this to be a well written, interesting, thoughtful book which chronicles how our evolution has been entwined and enhanced by dogs since the time of the Egyptians. Thurston chronicles the evolution of the dog/human relationship and it’s impact the development of our social consciousness, humanity, and spiritual connections. From the dawn of evolution dogs have been responsible for bringing out the best or worse in each of us.

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Suzanne Clothier Seminar April 2016

I recently spent the weekend listening to one of my favorite dog behavior guru’s, Suzanne Clothier. I first met Suzanne at an agility seminar in the mid 1990’s and later read her book, “Bones Would Rain From the Sky, Deepening Our Relationship With Dogs”. I was hooked and learn something new at every seminar! Suzanne’s focus is observation, awareness, and our connection to dogs.

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