Book Review: The Lost History of the Canine Race

Book Review: The Lost History of the Canine Race

While on vacation, I read, The Lost History of The Canine Race, by Mary Elizabeth Thurston and found this to be a well written, interesting, thoughtful book which chronicles how our evolution has been entwined and enhanced by dogs since the time of the Egyptians.  Thurston has researched  the dog/human relationship,  it’s impact on the development of our social consciousness, humanity, and spiritual connections.  From the dawn of time dogs have been responsible for bringing out the best or worse in each of us.  

This book resonated deeply with me as I reflected on the beloved dogs who have shared their lives with me.  Their comfort and well being has always been and will continue to be my priority.  I have a camper that slides into the truck because it makes vacations with Lucy easy and she can always come with me.  Her meat and bones fill the freezer first. Hikes along our route must be dog friendly and safe for her to run and explore off leash.  We visit mountain lakes so that Lucy can swim and play.  This trip she sports a life jacket while being chauffeured around various lakes on the paddle board.  Vacations are just more fun when Lucy is included.

Lucy has a designer collar with a sterling silver custom made name tag.   I take classes and read the most current articles on nutrition, health, and behavior.  All this to insure Lucy and the dogs that follow her will have the best care possible. It was interesting to discover that like minded people have felt the same way for the last 15,000 years from the Egyptians, through the Renaissance as well as Victorian and Native American societies.  Reading this history has provided a more thorough appreciation and understanding of the critical role dogs have played in our evolution and development of our values.

There have also been dark periods in history when dogs have been abused and mistreated.  It was during these times that the first humanitarians stepped forward and began to question the brutal exploitation of animals.  This  resulted in the development of the first animal rescue groups.  Life with a dog is good for us and ultimately make us better human beings.  This is a wonderful and interesting book for all of us who love and share our life with a dog.


Posted on August 21st, 2018

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  1. Kathy says:

    Excellent book review. I as well enjoyed this extensive history of our canine friends.

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